Sci-fi thriller "isolation"


Recently, the sci-fi thriller "isolation" was revealed, trailers, [Film Network] exclusive compilation Chinese subtitles. Films have been directed by the "Killer: Codename 47" Burns, executive director of Zeweierji tube, the director had also directed "City of the domain edge." Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Biehn, Lauren German, rossana Arquette play the film's star, etc..

From the trailer to see that in a catastrophic explosion, several strangers hid in the basement of an apartment building. Basement composed of three connected rooms, fortunately, is inside with food and water reserves, eight survivors began to wait for help, until a wearing NBC protective clothing man appeared ... ... Although the trailer does not reveal too much information, but the atmosphere of the whole video is quite Thriller.

It is reported that the film released in 2011.

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"Silent Hill" Trailer (Game)


According to the game settings, Silent Hill is the United States Toluca Lake on a quiet town surrounded by forest, there is also a holiday, recuperation of the resort. The town's earliest history can be traced back to the early 17th century, the early English colonists settled here; in before, here is the local Aboriginal shrine for religious activities. dell d610 ac adapter The 18th century, a strange plague residents of the town's large number of dead people alive have fled the town so long uninhabited. The early 19th century, Britain will Silent Hill as overseas exile, in the opening of the prison and "river port" Hospital (BrookhavenHospital). 1840 years ago, the prison closed, Silent Hill once again abandoned. 19th century 50's, another group of settlers discovered coal reserves in Silent Hill, Silent Hill once again flourish. During the Civil War, here was a prisoner of war camps, prisoners of war during the conduct of large-scale murder. After the Civil War, prisoner of war camp closed, Silent Hill began as a tourist destination. To the modern, active in the town began to form a religious fanatic cult groups, the groups spreading their eschatology, dell d830 ac adapter advocate the use of living sacrifice way to resurrection, "God", also used a special plant to the local refining drugs to sell.

Silent Hill in the aboriginal mind is a sacred place where power, while the last few hundred years of historical changes in this land were all the humanitarian disaster for the forces distorted. Silent Hill now can drag the real world of people "different world", or that person's desire can be materialized in this. Silent Hill is generally considered ternary parallel view of the world,pa3468u 1aca ac adapter one of the real world, some residents, a government that visitors to go sightseeing, vacation; the other is "different world" in the "table" in the world, that is, the game in the foggy Silent Hill; The third is "different world" in the "where" in the world, then turn into Silent Hill by a heavy fog filled the dark, bloody, rotten.


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"Human centipede" Trailer


Director: Tom Six

Starring: Akihiro Kitamura

Dieter Laser

Andreas Leupold

Type: Horror

Country / Region: Netherlands / United Kingdom

Length: 90min

Dialogue: English
Exclusive compilation "human centipede" trailers, perverted doctor terror trial exposure trailer horror picture is bloody and thrilling.

Video "human centipede" scientists are thinking about the metamorphosis of a strange experiment, he tried to link the three together, and let them try to walk the knee. In a rainy night, two sexy girls unknowingly become a test of his product. They were eventually able to escape in the end, the final fate is what?

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